A Message from Lisa

Posted on : 02 Apr 2020 | No Comments

Dear Friends,

As Midwesterners, we know that hard work is its own reward. We are proud of our broad shoulders and strong backs. And, we should be! But, we don’t just work hard. We work smart.

At KANDU, working hard means we are on the production floor at Adel and Barberry re-packing, labelling, and inspecting food that will be sent to grocery stores and packaging equipment components that will be used to manufacture food. It means we are assembling generators that will provide temporary power for campsites, homes, and businesses and preparing hazmat bags that will be used to dispose of medical waste. It also means we are in the kitchen at Adel preparing and packing meals for seniors across Rock and Walworth counties. Working smart means we are at the front desk, greeting staff but turning visitors away. We are in the nurse’s office, taking temperatures. We are in the hallways, cleaning and disinfecting light switches and door handles. We are in our offices, isolating ourselves. We are at home, quarantining ourselves. And through it all, we are social distancing, washing and sanitizing our hands, sneezing and coughing into tissues, and avoiding touching our eyes, noses, mouths, and any hard surfaces.

We are separated by an enemy we cannot see, hear, smell or touch, but we are united in one purpose – to survive this crisis so we can continue our mission. We are Midwesterners, we are Wisconsinites, we are KANDU. And, we are proud!

Thank you for your support. And, may God keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Be well,

Dr. Lisa Machtemes
Executive Director

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