A few months ago, one of the day services clients here at KANDU was having a bad start to her day. She was confused and then a little embarrassed due to her momentary yet quite noticeable memory lapse. Of course the staff here guided her back on track with compassion and humor to get past the moment,  (the client,  Maureen*,  has a famously easy laugh around here.) 

A few hours later, she was walking the halls for therapy with a staff member, Julie, working on a sound way to walk with her walker.  I couldn’t help but over hear their conversation. Julie encouraged her to place the walker then think “step, step” with each foot since Maureen has developed a habit of dragging the second foot a bit. Maureen courageously announced the process out loud. “Walker. Step. Step. Walker. Step Step.”  She would periodically ask, “How did I do that time?” And Julie would praise her progress or give feedback for improvement.  

As they proceeded down the 50 foot hall. I heard Maureen say, “This is just what I need. A goal! That’s what’s been missing!” I almost started weeping at the pure joy in her voice. At the beginning of the year, we each often set goals for our 2010. I feel a new sense of energy myself as I track my progress and stay focused.  Whether you feel the need to set a goal for work, for your health, or for your personal life, I hope you feel the joy that comes from challenging yourself to improve, just like Maureen.

*not her real name