This is the last entry in a series of four blogs touching on when and why companies would work with KANDU for production services.

Would you like to cut costs and/or focus employees’ time on core competencies?

Many times focusing employees on their higher skilled job duties can also increase employee satisfaction.  Company A had highly skilled machine operators putting a small piece together by hand inbetween all their other duties. The pieces were showing quite a bit of variability depending on the operator and the amount of time they had to complete the piece. We took that small piece as an assembly job and now the operators are more focused on running the machines. The product has more consistency due to the jigs we built and we are seamlessly providing the piece when needed. The machine operators are glad they don’t have to hassle with these little parts anymore.

Our purchasing power might also save you money on material needs. Some companies, depending on the quantity of their project, find that  we are able to get a better pricing on packaging materials because we purchase a higher volume throughout the year.

No matter what the reason a company works with us, no company works with us solely because they like our mission. That is just the side bonus. They need us to save them time or money or both.  That’s what we do. Feel free to call us if you want to discuss a project or go to our production page  at  You can also fill out a free quote request to get the ball rolling and get a great bonus of putting adults with disabilities to work!