Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to row a boat and/or swim?

No experience is necessary! Your team will sign up for an hour-long practice session the week before the event where 22Dragons (the dragon boat experts) will offer training and answer any questions.

Do I bring my own boat?

22Dragons provides the boat, oars, life jackets and any other items needed for the race.

Can I enter with my own boat?

To keep the race fair and competitive, we will only be using boats provided by 22Dragons.

Do I need a team to sign up?

No. You can register as an individual and we will add you to a team.

My children are younger than 12, but very good swimmers. Can they participate?

Not in the boat, but they can cheer for your team at the sidelines and will also be able to participate in the other festival activities.

Who will steer the boat?

An experienced staff member from 22Dragons will steer the boat.

What is the drummer’s role?

Each boat team needs a drummer to keep the paddlers rowing in sync. The drummer must be less than 150 lbs and have a fun personality, as they will also have the opportunity to participate in The Drum Competition. Get creative with their attire, so they stand out among the rest!

What is the Drum Competition?

Drummers will be judged on their drumming routine and costume/attire based on their team’s theme. Here’s an example!

What happens if my boat tips over?

There will be safety boats ready and waiting to assist in any way possible.

Will I have to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes. This is an “at your own risk” event.

Why should my team fund raise $800?

This event is a fundraiser for KANDU’s mission. Each boat has a particular cost charged to KANDU by 22Dragons. We ask each team to raise another $800 making it a fun, team building challenge. The top 3 fundraising teams will receive special recognition at the event.

Teams who raise a minimum of $800 will receive the VIP Experience and a partial sponsorship of a KANDU client boat or youth boat. Up to two teams can sponsor one boat.

What is the VIP Experience?

Teams who raise $800 or more will have exclusive access to the VIP pavilion throughout the event, offering snacks, refreshments, plush furniture and recognition on signage. Each VIP team member will also have their team name printed on their T-shirt and a team tent provided if necessary (this may be on a first come, first served basis).

How many times will I race?

This will depend upon the number of boats entered and how many heats are required. At the beginning of the race, boats are chosen randomly to race against each other. Each heat will determine the different levels of teams making the last race exciting and challenging. Teams are guaranteed one practice and at least 2 races on event day. Teams that register by June 1st will receive an extra practice!

What if we don’t have enough paddlers for our boat on event day?

This is why we strongly recommend securing back-up team members. This also allows for rest for any fatigued team member or if participants simply want to sit one out.

There are no refunds.

What should I wear in the boat?

Each team member will be supplied a life jacket, but the rest is up to you and your team!

You’ll be in a canoe-shaped boat, so be ready to get a little wet!

Have fun with your attire! Teams are encouraged to sport matching or themed shirts, outfits, hats, etc. Remember, your drummer will be judged on the originality of their attire/costume during the drum competition, so get creative!

Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

Only if you are able to row and transfer in and out of the boat without the use of adaptive equipment.

Who determines the winners and what do we win?

22Dragons monitors the finish line and will determine the winners!

Each team member will receive a medal and unlimited bragging rights! The winners will be featured on KANDU’s website, Facebook page and local media! The winners will also get the opportunity to come back and defend their title the following year for a discounted rate!

My company wants to sponsor a boat/participate, but we are a small business with not enough employees to fill the boat. What do you suggest?

The minimum number of paddlers is 12 (plus one drummer). Anyone can participate in your team: family members, friends, other companies, etc. We can help too by matching individual participants to your team.

What is the team captain’s role?

A team captain is the backbone of the team. They recruit team members, inspire the team to work together and coordinate each team member’s fundraising accomplishments.

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