Humans of KANDU

Stories from the everyday heroes of KANDU.
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“I’m doing a new job right now. I’m doing good. I put a piece in a bag and pass it. It’s kind of hard. I’m proud of myself. I’m happy.”

—Jacob M., Client Worker

“I have been on the Board of KANDU for the past 8 years and I am so proud of the fantastic work they do for people with disabilities and disadvantages. I am continually impressed, not only by the diversity of their programs, but also by the ability to maintain a viable and growing business that impacts lives every day.”

—Marcy Weber, KANDU Board of Directors & Volunteer

“I like coming to work, making money, hot lunch on Fridays and my friends. I’m [currently] doing a candy job. It’s sticky. I did 150 stickers on a job once.”

—Amber S., Client Worker

“I once made a referral for a non-verbal client to receive speech therapy as she was struggling to communicate. Several years later, I watched that client speak and communicate to her peers and staff alike. She continues to verbalize her thoughts to this day…”

—Holly Clark, Retired KANDU Nurse

“KANDU is helpful. They help people. KANDU helps me become more appropriate, so I can get a job in the community. I am proud of myself… I have come a long way since I started at KANDU.”

—Mary W., Client Worker

“What I like about KANDU is the multiple job opportunities and working with my peers. Every day I feel happy and joyness because I see happy faces. Everyone is real nice and they like to greet you.”

—Patrick M., Client Worker