Humans of KANDU

Stories from the everyday heroes of KANDU.
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“I’m doing a new job right now. I’m doing good. I put a piece in a bag and pass it. It’s kind of hard. I’m proud of myself. I’m happy.”

—Jacob M., Client Worker

“I have been on the Board of KANDU for the past 8 years and I am so proud of the fantastic work they do for people with disabilities and disadvantages. I am continually impressed, not only by the diversity of their programs, but also by the ability to maintain a viable and growing business that impacts lives every day.”

—Marcy Weber, KANDU Board of Directors & Volunteer

“I like coming to work, making money, hot lunch on Fridays and my friends. I’m [currently] doing a candy job. It’s sticky. I did 150 stickers on a job once.”

—Amber S., Client Worker

“I once made a referral for a non-verbal client to receive speech therapy as she was struggling to communicate. Several years later, I watched that client speak and communicate to her peers and staff alike. She continues to verbalize her thoughts to this day…”

—Holly Clark, Retired KANDU Nurse