Message from Lisa | April 30

Posted on : 04 May 2020 | No Comments

Dear Friends,

We have been asked to make a lot of changes. We do not do the same work. Our Catering and Program employees are working in Production, serving customers they will never meet. Our administrators are working alongside lawyers, bankers, and civil servants, complying with laws on which the ink has yet to dry. We do not work in the same places. We work in windowless buildings, behind closed office doors, and at our dining room tables. We do not even look the same. Bangs are too long, beards and mustaches are shaven, and smiles are hidden behind face masks. Still, we work for the same reason – we work to support the KANDU mission.

Today, it is raining outside and it would be easy to be melancholy, but we are not because we know. We know the day is coming when our Program staff will stand at our doors greeting our returning clients, our clients will travel down our halls laughing, teasing, and bickering with each other, and our Catering staff will prepare meals for parties at the Armory, flowers for weddings in the park, and set-up tables and chairs for meetings at the Pontiac Convention Center. In the meantime, we are proud to work with our Production staff labeling food that will stock supermarket shelves, packaging components that will equip farms and ranches, assembling generators that will power homes and businesses, and preparing hazmat bags that will supply hospitals as well as in Administration ensuring our employees are safe and our future is secure.

Yes, we have been asked to make a lot of changes, but what is important has not changed. We know our mission and we know better days lie ahead.

Be well,

Dr. Lisa Machtemes