Message from Lisa | August 4

Posted on : 06 Aug 2020 | No Comments

Dear Friends,

At KANDU, there is an employee I call the tinkerman. He understands how machines work. He repairs them and re-invents them. He has a lot of old machines, some of which sit idle. At Barberry, he has a forklift that never moves. From time to time, he takes a part from it to replace a part in a working forklift. He makes the most of who he is and what he has. He is resourceful.

The tinkerman and the forklift are not unique. Parallels between him and it exist in every department at KANDU. This is because we understand each person has a purpose, each object has a use. We are resourceful.

We are resourceful out of time. In our modern day, we don’t have to hunt and gather food, weave fabric, tan hides, or build huts. If we don’t want to, we don’t even need to go to grocery stores, restaurants, malls, or open houses. We have the internet.

And, we are resourceful out of place. By geography, the United States is the third largest nation in the world. It has an abundance of coastline, freshwater, fertile soil, and fossil fuels. We want for nothing.

Yes, we are resourceful out of time and place. It is our choice. For KANDU, we make the most of who we are and of what we have. For KANDU, we are tinkerman. We have forklifts. And, we are grateful.

Be well,
Dr. Lisa Machtemes