Message from Lisa | June 30

Posted on : 01 Jul 2020 | No Comments

Dear Friends,

How would you describe your heaven? Is it a place, box seats on the third base line? Is it a feeling, a first kiss on the front porch? Is it a reward, an ice cream cone after a spin class? Whatever your heaven is, you probably wouldn’t describe it as work. Yet, that is exactly how a pre-vocational client describes it. Work is her heaven.

We all make choices about our work. At KANDU, there are people who choose to be job coaches, day service providers, event planners, etc. However, during the pandemic, they chose to work in production. They did this for one reason, to support KANDU.

The fight against this wave of the pandemic may not be over and the fight against the next wave may be months or weeks or days away. So, we must stay strong. After all, her heaven is worth fighting for.

Be well,

Dr. Lisa Machtemes