Message from Lisa | Sept. 3

Posted on : 03 Sep 2020 | No Comments

Dear Friends,

Janesville is surrounded by farms. Each year, crops are planted, grow, and are harvested.  Farmers water, fertilize, and weed. Fields go from dirt to cornstalks to dirt again. 

KANDU is just like those farms. Its founding parents planted an idea, to create an organization that would provide employment opportunities for their children. That idea grew into what are known today as KANDU Client Services and KANDU Production. And, from that idea, came other ideas such as Best Events.

Just as crops grow despite droughts and floods and tornadoes, KANDU has grown despite the General Motors plant closing, the Rock River flood, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to all its farmers – parents, guardians, caregivers, employees, Boards of Directors, sponsors, donors, and volunteers. You sow the seeds, tend the fields, and harvest the growth. KANDU would not be what it is today without you!  

Be well,

Dr. Lisa Machtemes