2nd Quarter Donors

Posted on : 04 Aug 2020 | No Comments

Thank you to the generous donors who contributed to our mission during the months of April, May and June.

Russ Allen
Anonymous (x5)
Gary & Audrey Bersell
Scott Bianchini
Bjoin Limestone Inc.
Kim Bliss
Bradley Impact Fund
Joel Chappelle
Sue S Conley
Carl Cramer
Cheryl Donovan
Elise Erdmann
Howard Erickson
Gina Erickson
Dawn and Zac Fowler
Brent & Celease Fox
Prudy Harker
Kimberlee Hendricks
Kathy Hendricks
Kim Hesgard
Hey Cut It Out Pro Carvers
Barbara Kelley
Shannon Kennedy
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Klobucar Construction Co., Inc.
Ashlee Kronforst-Monk
Jerry Langenecker
Patrick Lyons
Madelyn Co., Inc.
Paul Mair
Rod Marshall
Stephanie Mawhinney
Daniel Messmer
Mary Mortimer
N’ Due Time LLC
Margaret Notter
Nowlan & Mouat, LLP
Lauren Oftedahl
Kathleen Olson
Eileen O’Shea
Janice Peterson
Cheryl & David Peterson
Diane Pillard
Richard & Donna Reinardy
Liz Rondon
SASid, Inc.
David & Kelly Sebion
Vicki Selck
SHINE Medical Technologies
Peggy Teubert
The Butterfly Club
James & Roz Thorpe
Marcy and Tim Weber
Eric Wilson
Lori Wirth