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A Message From Betsy

Posted on : 06 Oct 2021 | 9 Comments

When I was asked to join the KANDU Board of Directors I was humbled and honored to become a part of a community that is so important to me. My son Jimmy works on the production floor at KANDU (he will proudly let you know for how many years!) and he loves his job so much. Because of KANDU’s production services, Jimmy is able to work full-time in a safe environment, which gives me peace of mind. Caring staff are always there to offer support if needed and he can work at his own pace. The most important thing to Jimmy is that he can work with his friends every day. I know that he is living a fulfilling and successful life because he spends his days doing what he loves. It makes me so happy when he comes home and explains what job he worked on for the day.

Jimmy would be unable to work out in the community on his own, so we are both so grateful for KANDU. The support they offer allows him to improve upon his work skills, as well as communication and socialization. His job is just as important as anyone else’s. The production team provides important support for community businesses, and they certainly take pride in their work. It is so important that individuals with disabilities have a choice in where they work and that more people understand community employment is not an option for everyone. This is why Jimmy and I are very active in the A-Team, which advocates for workplace choice for people with disabilities.

Jimmy and I love volunteering and do so as much as we can for KANDU. When the community sees Jimmy out and about, involved with his employer, it shows pride for his job. Isn’t that what we should all feel? You may also know Jimmy from his photo on the side of the KANDU bus. It is so heartwarming to have community members recognize him out in public and say, “Hey! I saw your bus today! Can I have your autograph?”

Again, we are so blessed to have KANDU in our community, offering so many opportunities to Jimmy and others. They support the clients, their families, and local businesses. I can’t think of a better organization to advocate for.