A Message From Julie

Posted on : 28 May 2020 | No Comments

What makes KANDU different?

During this awful pandemic, with no live music or entertainment, no athletic events, and limited social contact, there has been lots of time to contemplate what is important in each of our lives. I found myself thinking about the blessing I know as KANDU.

What is it that makes KANDU different and why is it a blessing? It didn’t take me long to figure this out, I just needed to sit down and put it in writing. I know exactly why KANDU is different and such a blessing to many of us. The answer is—our mission and the energy behind it. The people that work tirelessly, knowing they are making the difference for a disadvantaged or disabled individual are what makes KANDU different. When a global pandemic occurs, organizations are challenged in carrying out their mission and some may be forced to change their mission. Rest assured, KANDU is not one of those organizations.

KANDU has been blessed with an amazing group of people who care deeply about the organization, its mission and most importantly, the people who are supported by the agency. The level of commitment to this organization can be seen daily, especially during this time of COVID-19. It takes a team to get through a situation like this and I am confident this team is up to the task. From catering staff hustling along to process a SPAM order or client services staff working feverishly to repackage chili, production staff re-arranging work flow and developing new processes, marketing/fund development creating new fund raising opportunities, the finance department taking temperatures, procuring opportunities for loans and grants, making payroll for people in different ways, buttoning down expenses, human resources keeping abreast of ever changing government regulations related to leaves of absence and other labor laws; this clearly demonstrates a level of engagement within this organization that is unique and different. New job duties and working conditions have been forced upon all of us. Our team has risen to the challenge and will continue to function in support of the mission. KANDU will survive because of the work all of us are doing. Know that you are appreciated and a blessing. Ultimately, you are what makes KANDU different.


Julie Smith, Client Services Director