A Parent’s Perspective

Posted on : 28 May 2021 | No Comments

I am the proud parent and caregiver of a KANDU worker. I think I speak for many parents when I say how much we value KANDU Industries. I could talk about how much my son loves working at KANDU and the pride he takes in his work, but I would like to focus on a parent’s perspective.  

Like all parents, I want my son to be happy and fulfilled in his life. The question is, how does one obtain this happiness and fulfillment? I can think of three ways it can be achieved. One way might be through a spiritual belief system. Another would be through the love of family and friends. And a third, and this is where KANDU comes in, is a sense of contribution and accomplishment: a feeling that you are doing something with your life besides just sitting around. I have visited the KANDU work floor a number of times, and I always see workers who are proud and dedicated, and who are making a real contribution to our nation’s economy.

Parents are themselves happy when they see their children grow up to be happy. I experience happiness when my son comes home and excitedly tells me about the job he was doing that day, or when he proudly shows me his paycheck. That is why I have tried my hardest to support work programs like those at KANDU.

I have become a member of the A-Team USA, along with many other parents and family members from across the country. The A-Team works to advocate for KANDU and the hundreds of similar programs across the land. We strive to make people aware of how much families value work center programs and depend on them to provide a meaningful day for our loved ones.  As a parent, I want to do all I can to help preserve the choice my son has made to work, and thus preserve his own path to happiness.