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An Independence Day Poem

Posted on : 06 Aug 2019 | No Comments

On Monday, July 1st, KANDU’s Increased Support Program discussed patriotism, the flag, the 4th and wrote one of their famous collaborative poems.

Happy Birthday USA!
Let’s celebrate this special day.

See the parade with floats and bands,
For the flag, hearts are covered with hands.
Firetruck, Cub Scout, baton and bike
A parade’s full of the things we like.

Hot dogs and hamburgers make a picnic complete,
Salads, chips and all the melon we can eat.
Horseshoes, swimming and baseball are fun
And a water balloon fight before it’s all done.

Lay out your blanket, get ready for the show,
Cotton candy, sparklers and sticks that glow.
When it’s dark enough the show will begin,
All faces are happy and filled with a grin.

So Happy Birthday to the USA!
We had fun celebrating your day.

Happy Independence Day from KANDU’s ISP!