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Blackhawk Technical College: A Community Leader On- and Off-Campus

Posted on : 03 Mar 2022 | No Comments

As a nonprofit organization, monetary donations are critical to KANDU in executing our mission but contributions from community partners come in many forms that make a meaningful impact on the work we do to enrich the lives of the clients we serve.  Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) is a partner of KANDU whose contributions have made a significant impact financially, in the lives of our clients, and the expertise of our staff. 

Recently, BTC’s advanced manufacturing team toured KANDU’s production facility, met with the production team, and developed a plan to assist KANDU with coaching on production flow and floor layout.  In a longer-term plan, KANDU will be a focus in BTC’s advanced manufacturing class as a project to improve production facility operations that will ultimately lead to more efficient operations, lower costs, and higher profitability to support KANDU programs and provide longtime work for our clients.  In addition, Brian Coddington, BTC’s engineering technology instructor, has agreed to serve on KANDU’s facilities committee and will be instrumental in the design and renovation of the facilities in KANDU’s expansion project that was announced in February of this year.

BTC has also provided training to KANDU staff in critical diversity, human resource law, management tools, and has provided internships for our client program services department.  Allie Tolson joined KANDU in August of 2021 as an intern from BTC.  Allie will graduate from BTC this fall with a degree in human services and quickly became KANDU’s top candidate for a full-time client services coordinator position.  In her new position, Allie supports KANDU’s client workers on the production floor, making sure they have the tools and support they need to be productive and fulfilled in the work they do.  Allie builds close relationships with her clients and works alongside their care teams to set goals and ensure overall success in working toward more independent living.  “Each individual client is unique and there is always a solution to obstacles.  For example, I recently learned that playing native American flute music brought a sense of calm to one client and increased their overall work productivity,” said Allie.

While outwardly BTC’s contributions to KANDU seem operational in nature, a more efficient production facility and a more highly skilled workforce directly impact KANDU’s ability to create more independent and satisfying lives for our more than 200 clients. 

Blackhawk Technical College is a community leader on- and off-campus.  Their partnerships with employers and other community-based organizations are a testimate to the sincerity of their vision of “delivering innovative education to enrich our communities.”  In the words of Blackhawk Technical College’s President, Dr. Tracy Pierner, “At Blackhawk, we believe that we play a large role in lifting all members of our community – helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. Through education, we can directly impact lives, change a family’s destiny, improve a community, and change a nation.”  KANDU is fortunate to be a recipient of that vision and could not be more grateful.