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Client Spotlight: Tim

Posted on : 22 Aug 2022 | No Comments

Brand new to the Day Services program, Tim is already benefitting from the social interactions and friendships he has made. Tim came to KANDU with a hereditary disorder that causes nerve damage, affecting his lower extremities and requiring the use of a wheeled walker for mobility assistance. Client Services Director Julie Smith said, “KANDU’s adult daycare program is a safe place for Tim to spend his day, allowing him to remain in his home and community rather than a nursing facility, while also allowing his primary caretaker some respite.”

Tim has acclimated quickly in the two weeks that he’s been a part of KANDU’s Day Services program. Run by Carmen Jones, a 15-year veteran of KANDU and registered CNA, Day Services offers activities-based programming to promote independence while also creating a close-knit community. Easily making friends with staff and fellow clients, Tim points out how he has felt welcomed by the whole KANDU family since the moment he walked through our doors: “Everybody is so nice. You can trust the staff, and I get along with all the clients.” Carmen says KANDU staff is still getting to know Tim, but so far, it’s evident that he loves the Beatles, Bingo, and going on group outings around town with the new friends he has made in Day Services.

“We observe an elevation in overall mood and physical wellbeing with our clients that is directly related to activity,” said Carmen.  “In 2021 we took nearly 100-day trips on the KANDU bus, visiting local and regional community venues like the library, parks, shopping, and the movie theatre.” Excursions allow clients the opportunity to experience new activities and create connections with their community, and while caretakers cannot always manage transportation logistics on their own, KANDU’s staff is trained and prepared to provide safe trips for clients.

“One of the things I tell families who are considering the adult day service program at KANDU is to think of it like a supervised senior center,” said Julie Smith. Day Services and Memory Care fills a need for guardians and families of clients, allowing them the time to run errands, complete tasks, and take a break from the strain of constant caretaking with the peace of mind that their family member is well taken care of. Clients who may otherwise struggle with increased solitude and disconnection that can come with a dementia diagnosis can instead remain engaged in their community with the support of licensed professionals and CNAs.

While Tim enjoys participating in activities like putting together puzzles and listening to music with fellow clients, he says the real highlight is the hospitality; he loves the food. Day Services clients swap stories as they eat, fostering community while sharing a table for lunch. The new friendships Tim has made create a homey environment, allowing him to relax in a safe space while offering his primary caretaker some respite.