Crucial Action Requested!

Posted on : 04 Feb 2021 | No Comments

The Biden Administration’s $1.9T Stimulus proposal (Biden American Rescue Plan) includes a provision to eliminate the Special Minimum Wage (Section 14(c)) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Congress and the Administration are currently negotiating proposed legislation in the hope of reaching bipartisan agreement. If agreement is not reached, Democratic legislators may try to pass a bill through a process called budget reconciliation, which would only require Democratic support and cannot be filibustered, which would make it very likely to pass.

If the Special Minimum Wage provision (14(c)) is eliminated, you or your loved one may lose the choice to work in a setting that uses this certificate. Most community rehabilitation programs utilize this important certificate to offer training/ work services.

The A-Team is designating Friday, February 5th, 2021 as national “Call Your Senator Day.” Call your Senator’s office and let them know you support 14(c)!

You may be asked to leave a recorded message, or you may be able to directly give your message. Say “Senator PLEASE take the 14(c) provision out of the Stimulus legislation”.

If you prefer, email your Senators through their website. Tell them why your work/your loved one’s work and 14c are so important and not to eliminate 14c.

Senators phone numbers and email contact info are given at