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Donor Spotlight: Lycon Inc.

Posted on : 20 Oct 2022 | No Comments

Some people give back to their communities by volunteering at fundraising events. Some people donate money to organizations they believe in. Some people serve as board members, dedicating time to making decisions that positively affect the community. If you’re Pat Lyons, president of Lycon Inc., you do all of these things. 

Pat Lyons has graced KANDU with over ten years of support, contributing time and resources to ensure the success of fundraisers like Dragons on the Rock, the annual wine and beer tasting event Grapes and Hops, and more.

Kathy Hansen, KANDU’s executive director said, “Pat Lyons has been a devoted endowment board member and supporter of KANDU for many years.  We always know we can count on Pat and his team when there is a need.” Lycon Inc. has supported KANDU’s dragon boat race and festival fundraiser Dragons on the Rock every year since its inception, playing an integral part of the set-up process.  Pat and fellow employees use Lycon equipment to lift the 20-person dragon boats, weighing around 1,500 pounds and 12 meters in length, from the trailer to the Rock River so participants can race.  Every year, they give up a late Saturday afternoon to lift them back out of the water at the end of the competition.

Is Lycon ringing a bell, but you can’t quite place how you know the name? If you live in the Janesville area, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a big red Lycon Inc. cement truck traveling around town. Pat Lyons is the president of the family-owned and operated company supplying Wisconsin with concrete, aggregate, and building supplies. This local Janesville business has grown to 25+ locations around Wisconsin, and supporting local communities is high on their list of priorities. Lycon Inc. clearly states they “work to build our communities and enhance the lives of our employees and their families,” and they stay true to that ideal by continuously giving back.

Pat has taken his obvious business savvy and lent his knowledge to KANDU by serving on the endowment board for many years. As of 2022, Pat has stepped up as endowment board president and is a natural leader for the careful decision-making necessary to secure long-term financial sustainability for the future of KANDU. The kind of dedication from generous individuals like Pat Lyons is what gives KANDU the ability to provide employment opportunities and top-of-the-line care for people with disabilities in Rock County.