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Employee Spotlight: Shawn Shetler

Posted on : 07 Jun 2022 | No Comments

With over 15 years of experience in production, it’s no surprise that Shawn Shetler has been a driving force behind innovation and efficiency in KANDU’s production facilities. After working for Tigre for 10 years, Shawn joined the KANDU family in the summer of 2012 as a production worker with various responsibilities like loading trucks, driving forklifts, and assisting clients as needed. After two years of learning the ins and outs of KANDU’s production facilities, Shawn was quickly promoted to production supervisor.  

Production Director Jake Reed notes that in addition to his skills and knowledge, Shawn’s personality is well-fitted for his supervisory role, “Shawn is calm and gentle even when stressed. His demeanor with everyone, including the clients, is  consistent.” Jake said that Shawn has instilled that same sense of calm and positive attitude in his team, resulting in an environment where operations run smoothly and clients are supported at the highest level.

As production supervisor, Shawn now runs the entire production floor at KANDU’s Adel St. facility, allowing him to spend more hands-on time with clients. Thanks to family members who had previously run a support home for individuals with disabilities, Shawn already knew a few clients when he joined KANDU. “Developing solutions and teaching clients creative ways to do their jobs so they are successful is the most rewarding part of my job,” said Shawn. Shawn has a unique ability to see where clients are struggling and help them individually. For example, KANDU client Scott was excited when Shawn gave him some easy tips to speed up productivity and raise his earning potential on a particular job. “Scott was proud of his accomplishment and boasting to everybody that I showed him how to work faster and make more money,” said Shawn.  On another job that required the coordination of many clients in an assembly line placing individual pieces into a kit, Shawn noticed that the varying working speeds of some clients were impeding others and slowing down the entire process. Shawn said this same job is now done individually, “One client will place all 12 pieces into the kit and seal it themselves, so now they can work to their full potential at their own pace.” This kind of individualized support only comes from a deep understanding of each client’s strengths and a true dedication to helping clients reach their highest potential.

Appreciative of the room for personal growth and the ability to work his way up the ladder professionally at KANDU, Shawn has carried those same ideals into his interactions with clients, saying, “There are a variety of clients who all work to build their skills. When someone may be struggling, there is always someone who is there to encourage or assist them, whether that be a staff member or another client.” While KANDU’s production operates with the same efficiency as any other production facility, our behind-the-scenes may look a little different. Production’s ability to offer individualized solutions for client success and satisfaction in the workplace sets KANDU apart and is one of Shawn’s main motivators. “Working at KANDU is very rewarding. The benefits you receive when a client thanks you for helping them out or showing them a new skill set are worth it. We all work together to make sure the mission is possible. We are here for the clients and that is how it should be,” said Shawn.