Help Ensure Self-Insuring Nonprofits Survive!

Posted on : 02 Apr 2020 | No Comments

Hello KANDU family & friends,

Please click below to ensure self-insuring nonprofits like KANDU survive the massive increase in unemployment benefit filings.

Many nonprofits (KANDU included) self-insure unemployment benefits, under which they must reimburse the state dollar-for-dollar when a former or laid-off employee files for benefits.  This is a sensible, cost-saving approach for the nonprofit and is intended for the individual instances when employees separate from their organizations.  We are in a situation unlike any we have known and many nonprofits that self-insure these benefits will go under if they do not receive help from the Federal government.  Tell Congress to add funding for states to offset dollars owed by nonprofits or direct reimbursement to nonprofits for the employer piece of self-insured unemployment benefits to the next stimulus bill.  It is vital to the ability of many nonprofit organizations to continue. 

Thank you for all you do to support KANDU!

Stay well!