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KANDU’s Community Employment Program

Posted on : 04 Mar 2022 | No Comments

In addition to providing production services to local companies and production jobs to nearly 200 people with disabilities, KANDU helps identify the strengths and interests of people with barriers to employment and offers them assistance in finding and maintaining successful employment with community businesses like Jack and Dicks Feed & Garden, Bodacious Brew, McDonald’s, and SASid, etc. These businesses credit KANDU community employment individuals with being dedicated, efficient, and possessing a high work ethic.

KANDU works with clients and local businesses to identify job opportunities that match up to individual goals and abilities set by clients and their support teams.  Clients are provided assistance with resume development, the application process, and interview skills. After a job is obtained, KANDU provides ongoing one-on-one coaching and training to ensure long-term success.  Debbie Bayreuther, KANDU community employment program manager explained, “The goal is to eventually phase-out of the ongoing support and coaching once it is determined the employee can work independently.  In some cases, support continues throughout the employment term depending on the abilities and/or challenges of the individual and we are happy to provide that.” 

Ted J. has been employed by Jack & Dick’s Feed & Garden for nearly 11 years.  “When Ted first came to us, he had a job coach that accompanied him to make the learning part of the process go smoothly.  She was a good go-between until we learned more about how each other works.  Ted possesses a very good work ethic.  He has pride in what he does and that’s partly why he is a very good fit with us. We own our own business, this is who we are, and our employees really have to resonate that,” said Jack & Dick’s Feed & Garden Owner Ed Hookham.  Ted likes his job, especially the paycheck, “I like working, I like working hard, and I like getting paid for it.”

In order to provide these services, KANDU has partnered with Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).  DVR is a federal/state program designed to help people with disabilities obtain, maintain, and improve their employment outcomes by working with DVR consumers, employers, and other partners.  For more specific information regarding KANDU’S community employment services, please contact Debbie Bayreuther at 608.755.4123.