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Meet the Men of Revv Aviation

Posted on : 06 Apr 2022 | No Comments


“I remember my dad taking me to the airport, parking at the end of the main runway and watching the planes take off and land as my first introduction to aviation. I was then going to pursue my dream of flying in the Air Force, but the Marines had a different idea and so I spent some time jumping and hanging from some perfectly good aircraft. I strayed from the industry for some time but returned to work in operations for America West Airlines at O’Hare Airport. Now fate has brought me back to Janesville and as revv Aviation’s General Manager we are looking forward to introducing as many people as we can to the wonder of aviation.


“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved flying. Both sides of my family come from overseas, and we did a lot of traveling when I was younger. So when I saw that Carver Aero was hiring for the sales team, I jumped at the opportunity to rekindle a passion I’ve had from a young age, and I’ve loved every second of it. I’m relatively new to the industry, but am eager to learn, and I got really lucky to land at a company like revv, where I can draw on a vast wealth of experience from seasoned aviators.”



“My aviation journey started when I was 16, I took my first discovery flight and was hooked. However, at the time my parents had no idea what a path in aviation looked like, how much it cost or if it was even possible. So, I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force as a Military Working Dog Handler. While I was Active duty, I spent my free time working on my pilot ratings and currently hold a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. I still serve in the Air National Guard and spend my work week as a Financial Advisor and enjoy teaching and helping people reach their aviation goals in my spare time.”