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Message From Jerry

Posted on : 28 Jan 2021 | No Comments

Hello friends and champions of KANDU,

Finally, 2020 is over. Despite the upheaval the pandemic has brought upon us, one cannot help but think of what we have learned from it. We have learned to have meetings virtually, see our doctor virtually, and shop for just about anything online. Social distancing, wearing masks, and staying home have become the norm (my garage and basement have never been so clean!). What is impressive has been our ability to adapt and meet the challenges we faced. We are amazingly resilient. KANDU has proven to be the same.

After doing some checking with Liz Menz, KANDU’s Development Director, I am thrilled to report that financial support from businesses and friends of KANDU in 2020 was at 98% of 2019 levels. What a testimonial to all KANDU’s supporters! Thank you to everyone!

With the pandemic still controlling much of what we do, it is hard to be optimistic of our future, but looking forward, our organization must continue to pivot with each new challenge. We are fortunate that our new Executive Director, Kathy Hansen is ready for this challenge. Kathy brings experience in marketing, organizational strategy, and fundraising to KANDU. She has worked in both for profit and nonprofit organizations. Welcome Kathy!

Having been part of the search committee, I can tell you Kathy is extremely qualified. Being on the search committee also reminded me what an amazing board of directors and staff we have at KANDU. Their dedication to KANDU’s mission and its clients leaves me in awe. I cannot help but feel encouraged for KANDU’s future. 2021 will undoubtedly have many new challenges, but KANDU is ready.