Message From Jule | Oct. 5

Posted on : 13 Oct 2020 | No Comments

Here we are, 7 or 8 months into a world-wide pandemic. Who would have thought that COVID-19 would last this long and cause this much chaos in our world? With all the outside pressures we are facing, perhaps it is time to look inward and examine the “good that is within.”

“Good from within” can have many meanings. At KANDU, it might describe an employee who is thriving after years of hard work and counseling. It might refer to the inner beauty of someone’s personality or the true happiness when a smile comes across a face as a new task is mastered. “Good from within” could also describe the persistence put forth by the team of caregivers and employees that carry out KANDU’s mission. It comes in all shapes and sizes: from fairytale-like weddings and meeting customers’ deadlines as the delivery truck is loaded, to processing payroll, diligently cleaning doorknobs, and a well-planned fundraising event… This “good” is abundant at KANDU.

We have something special. Never lose sight of the “good from within” that we all have created throughout our organization and the community. Even amid a world-wide pandemic, it is all around us.