Message From Julie | Nov. 5

Posted on : 12 Nov 2020 | No Comments

Hello all and Happy Fall,

I was just reminiscing and it came to mind that in November I will celebrate 13 years with KANDU. This caused me to look back and see how far we have come in my time with such an awesome agency. Here are some of my memories and maybe this will bring up some happy times you too have experienced either within KANDU or your own work family.

  • The day I walked around the corner into the Activity Area to find a hand written message created independently by a client that said “I Love Our Work”
  • The times we spent with clients at Camp Rotamer experiencing the outdoors and Gary’s grilling skills
  • The time(s) Rod wore outlandish suit(s) to the Christmas party
  • Calculating how much salsa had been processed and realized it would reach the Black Hills
  • The day we received the delivery of much needed new furniture in Day Services/Memory Care
  • The opening of the Art Studio at Adel Street
  • The Christmas Musicals
  • Snappers Games
  • The Client Worker Recognition parties
  • Kids Against Hunger
  • The opening of the Best Events Showroom on Center Avenue
  • The Green Bay Packers visit
  • Community Employment program at Barberry
  • The bat in the Barberry conference room

I hope this may trigger some of the amazing memories you have of KANDU and the organization we all work so hard to support. Remember that no one can take away your memories and you can choose which ones to hold on to. I hope this season of rest allows you to create more memories and enjoy the simple abundance that’s all around you.