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Assembly & Kitting

Demonstrated capabilities in sourcing, assembly & kitting, packaging and drop shipping critical products. Components are assembled and packaged creating 300+ unique product “kits” for distribution by Fortune 100 Companies. We have

assembled hundreds of different kits for companies that include just a few parts to more than 70 parts, weighing from just a few ounces to more than 250 pounds.








THE LEADING DIRECT MARKETER OF SAFETY AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES IN NORTH AMERICA,  with more than 130,000 innovative, high quality products requested assistance from KANDU Industries Inc.They needed a supplier to source components, assemble and drop ship over 250 different product “kits” for distribution and sale. In addition to sourcing and assembly, the scope of work being done at KANDU includes pricing research, purchasing and inventory management. Finished products include: emergency drum repair, bonding and grounding cables, respirator, and environmental quality analysis kits. KANDU processes orders and ships on schedule everyday.

KANDU was recognized by this customer as a “Top One Hundred Supplier.”



A GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN HYDRAULICALLY CONTROLLED SNOWPLOW ASSEMBLIES was seeking an alternative resource that could provide reliable purchase and inventory of key product components, accurate assembly, and on-time delivery to a central manufacturing location. KANDU Industries engineered and built custom machines that accelerate the assembly process. KANDU now successfully supplies the customer’s manufacturing facilities with critical on-time delivery of components.

A NATIONAL MANUFACTURER OF  RESIDENTIAL PLAYSETS AND RECREATIONAL SYSTEMS was seeking an alternative resource that could assemble and package key sub assemblies & parts into “finished kits.”The finished kits are complete with instructions, nuts, bolts, screws, and other materials used by the consumer to assemble their products at home.  KANDU Industries began assembling a single “kit” type in 2001.  KANDU currently creates over 40 distinct “kits” ranging from small sub-assembly kits to larger kits weighing 250 pounds for this world-class customer. A large portion of the assembly process utilizes KANDU’s high-speed shrink wrap packaging for retail display.  The highly flexible KANDU workforce adds significant value by responding to seasonal product demand. While speed is always important in turning orders around, accuracy and quality remain critical elements we value at KANDU to satisfy our own standards for excellence. KANDU meets and exceeds the expectations of its customers, and ultimately the end-user.