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Cleaning Solutions

We provide cleaning solutions for most anything from dunnages to folding chairs, from warehouse bins, end caps for diesel exhaust systems to laundry. Companies with sustainability programs are growing their revenue with us.



A NATIONAL MANUFACTURER WAS SEEKING A SAFE AND COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO CLEAN THEIR WAREHOUSE PART BINS. KANDU Industries solved this problem by creating an efficient and time effective washing system. Currently, KANDU cleans thousands per year.

A NATIONAL MANUFACTURER OF ALUMINUM WHEEL RIMS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY was seeking an alternative resource to clean custom molded, reusable shipping trays.The trays protect large shipments of aluminum rims.The trays must be thoroughly cleaned before each use to prevent the rims from being scratched in shipment.

KANDU offers properly cleaned trays, flexible cleaning schedules, speedy turnaround and pick up/delivery to manufacturing facilities.

KANDU exceeded customer expectations by designing an automated washer system. This system increased capacity and improved finished product quality, all at no additional cost.