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Demonstrated capability repackaging a variety of products into multi-pack shipper display cases aimed at consumers shopping in key retail channels.

We offer a variety of thickness film and can side seal up to 20 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall. Our shrink-wrap capability enables us to meet a variety of your packaging needs.



A LEADING MULTINATIONAL MANUFACTURER OF CONSUMER FOOD PRODUCTS was seeking an alternative resource that could repackage and expedite short lead time orders. Orders consist of per-packaged, multi-pack display cases sold to major retailers across the US. KANDU’s warehouse capacity, business systems and accurate inventory allows rapid response to custom orders. KANDU’s flexible workforce and large shrink wrap capability meets surging demand, capturing top supplier awards for nine years running. With its USDA approved production facility and 200 client workers, KANDU has served many of its food packaging customers for decades, and is recognized for quality and service.