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Injet Spray Printing

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Bar code

Injet Spray Printing

You see them often. They give you information regarding your product. They give you reassurance of its origin or freshness. Now KANDU has the ability to produce them too! They are bar codes, date codes and other product coding information we commonly see on food and other commercial products.

We can print text, sell-by dates, lot/date codes, bar codes and graphics on many different surfaces including metal, plastic, and glass. It can also print in many different sizes on many different shapes. These codes have become so common they are on all types of commercial and consumable goods. Date codes and sequential product codes are also quite common. In the past, we would put the bar code or date on a sticker and hand apply each sticker, but it added cost to our operations that sometimes took us out of the competitive price range. Now we have the capability to provide a look and a cost to the finished product that many companies desire.