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Rep. Bryan Steil’s Visit

Posted on : 03 Mar 2021 | No Comments

On Thursday, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that wage provisions will not be included in this proposal and the possibility of eliminating 14(c) was removed from the stimulus plan.

The current $1.9T stimulus proposal included a provision to eliminate of Special Minimum Wage (also known as 14(c)) of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would limit options for individuals who require more support in order to work.

Leading up to this decision, advocacy efforts were ignited across the country in support of 14(c) and the choice it provides workers with disabilities.

On Monday, February 8th, KANDU welcomed Congressman Bryan Steil as he toured our Barberry Drive location. Staff and clients, as well as parent advocates from A-Team Wisconsin were excited to demonstrate all of the great work we do and discuss the importance of the Special Minimum Wage, which allows organizations like KANDU to offer a wider range of work opportunities to fit the needs of individuals with varying abilities.

“The individual sitting here [at KANDU] doesn’t want daycare. They want to work.” explained Rick Wilson, parent of Christopher (pictured below), a client worker at KANDU.

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Rick also serves on KANDU’s Board of Directors and A-Team Wisconsin, an advocacy group fighting to keep 14(c) in place.

“The parents and the families overwhelmingly support these programs, even though some advocacy groups in Washington don’t,” Rick said.

“We need more programs for people to be successful, not reducing choices,” said Julie Smith, KANDU’s Client Services Director. “We’re proud of the work we do, and we’d welcome anyone to visit.”

A huge thank you to everyone who advocated for continued work choice, including A-Team Wisconsin, Representative Steil, and everyone who contacted their senators.