Return to Work Program

  • Are you tired of soaring workers compensation costs?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of, or unclear communication with medical practitioners?
  • Are you unable to accommodate an employee with work restrictions?
  • Do you need help understanding work restrictions?
The Return to Work Program provides both therapeutic and economic benefits. Partnerships with employees, employers, medical practitioners, insurance carriers and agents have consistently produced win-win results. You will no doubt agree that our staff and services, including an on site nurse, are beneficial in handling even the most challenging work injury cases.


Persons injured on the job referred by an agency having a service contract with KANDU or through a private payment agreement.


A structured work environment allowing the participant to work within his/her restrictions without causing additional injury. Assist the participant to reach end of healing and return to work.


  • Be referred by an agency having a service contract with KANDU or through a private payment agreement
  • Provide a copy of the physician’s written diagnosis and restrictions for the participant
  • Reports from current employer, upon request
  • Criminal justice history


  • Intake and orientation
  • Establish work schedule in agreement with the referring agency
  • Assignments that are within medically-prescribed work restrictions, skills and aptitude
  • Supervision, training and tools necessary to perform assigned work in a safe and productive manner
  • Updates to therapist, physician, nurse, case manager or referring agency
  • Nurse Case Management
  • Progress reports, as necessary
  • Confidentiality

For more information, contact Crystal Fox at (608) 755-4123 ext. 303