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Seeking Local Business Partnerships

Posted on : 01 Feb 2021 | No Comments

Over the years, KANDU’s Community Employment program has developed valuable partnerships with local businesses, providing job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. We are continually grateful for these relationships and appreciate each and every one of the supportive roles that contribute to our clients’ success in the workplace. As we expand and serve individuals with a variety of skills and interests, we are always looking to connect with new businesses to fit everyone’s needs. Currently, we have a strong interest to meet with businesses that perform factory, assembly and/or quality control type tasks. Although this is the current trend, KANDU is always willing and interested to meet with a variety of businesses to help grow opportunities for our clients. If you feel like your business would be a good fit for some of our clients, call (608) 755-4123 and ask to speak with a Community Employment program manager.