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Donor Spotlight: SSM Health

Posted on : 27 Jan 2022 | No Comments

The rich history of SSM Health began in 1872, with five German nuns who set out from their homeland to do God’s work. They were a remarkable group of women who, with only $5 among them, traveled to St. Louis, MO. The nuns, who had cared for soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War, arrived in the midst of a terrible smallpox epidemic. Without hesitation, they took to the streets, begging for money, supplies, food and medicines — anything to ease the suffering of others.

Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, SSM Health continues to reveal God’s healing presence in a powerful and lasting way, both inside and outside of their health care facilities’ doors. In 2020, SSM Health invested more than $414 million in programs and services to improve health outcomes in the communities they serve, and KANDU is fortunate to be a recipient of their generosity.

On any given day, KANDU’s Adult Daycare and Increased Support (ISP) clients can explore our community in their own KANDU branded handicap accessible bus, an important component in elevating their physical, mental and social well-being. The bus was purchased in the summer of 2021 thanks in part to SSM Health’s generous transportation sponsorship. Not only are these opportunities to explore our community and remain active important to all KANDU clients, the bus brought a tremendous amount of joy to Jimmy N., who is featured on the bus graphic.

Over the years, SSM Health has supported KANDU with sponsorships and donations, all of which help to sustain the many programs and services KANDU provides to the people in our community with disabilities and disadvantages.  SSM Health Regional Director of Community Health Megan Timm often volunteers onsite to conduct training sessions for KANDU’s Livin’ & Learnin’ clients on nutrition and healthy cooking, and even invited the group to her family farm to spend time with the animals and learn about gardening. These learning activities are particularly important to KANDU’s Livin’ & Learnin’ program, which is designed to enhance independence in people age 14 and up when navigating daily living activities outside of work.

“Growing our partnership with KANDU and its clients has been wonderful,” Timm said. “SSM Health is looking forward to continued collaboration and focus on improving the health and wellbeing of our community.”

The five German nuns who set out from their homeland would be proud to see their compassion for the health and wellbeing of community members continues to be in good hands with the SSM Health leaders of today.