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A-Team: A Day for Choice

Posted on : 03 Apr 2018 | No Comments

On March 21st, seven advocates from KANDU traveled to the state Capitol to meet with legislators regarding workplace choice. They were welcomed by Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch, who gave a well-received address to the group of over 100 A-Team advocates from around the state. She spoke of each person’s unalienable rights given to them by the Declaration of Independence and that no one could take those rights away. Kleefisch also commended the A-Team for their enthusiasm in advocating for their work and overall happiness. It was a powerful address, igniting several rounds of cheers and applause. Click here for video of Lt. Governor Kleefisch’s speech. The Rock County A-Team then met with Representative Kolste, Representative Loudenbeck and Senator Ringhand to advocate for their choice in employment setting. Each advocate individually spoke on their own behalf describing their current job, what they like about it, and what they would do if they were not working. A written copy of each advocate’s story, along with a photograph, was presented to each Representative/Senator for later reference. Following the group discussion, advocates shook hands, took photos and thanked the Representatives for hearing their stories. It was a day full of positive energy and amazing to watch our A-Team in action, speaking up and being heard.