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When the leading direct marketer of safety and industrial supplies in North America needed a supplier to source components, assemble and drop ship more than 250 different product kits for distribution and sale across the country, KANDU stepped in to get the job done. In addition to sourcing and assembly, KANDU also conducted pricing research, purchasing and inventory management. The finished products included emergency drum repair, bonding and grounding cables, respirator and environmental quality analysis kits. As a result of stellar efforts, KANDU was recognized by this customer as a “Top One Hundred Supplier.”

A global market leader in hydraulically controlled snowplow assemblies was seeking an alternative resource that could provide reliable purchase and inventory of key product components, as well as accurate assembly, and deliver on time to a central manufacturing location. KANDU engineered and built custom machines that accelerated the assembly process and now successfully supplies the customer’s manufacturing facilities with critical on-time delivery of components.

For more than two decades, KANDU has been alleviating the burden of a national manufacturer of residential playsets and recreational systems during periods of peak seasonal demand. KANDU’s flexible workforce assembles and packages parts used by consumers to build products at home including instruction manuals, nuts, bolts and screws. What started as a single kit in 2001 has grown to more than 40, which range from small sub-assembly kits to kits weighing 250 pounds.

“Partnering with KANDU allows us to focus on our core capabilities while delivering flexible packaging solutions for our customers.”

— Jason W, President, IKI Manufacturing

“KANDU’s flexible workforce is ideal for the seasonal needs of our business.”

— Tim R., Playstar

When a national manufacturer sought a safe and cost-effective process to wash their warehouse part bins, they turned to KANDU to create an efficient and time-saving cleaning system. Today, KANDU cleans thousands of their bins per year.

A national manufacturer of aluminum wheel rims for the automotive industry sought an alternative resource to clean their custom molded, reusable shipping trays — critical for ensuring the rims don’t get scratched in transit. KANDU exceeded the customer’s expectations by designing an automated cleaning system that provides more finished product to the customer at a lower cost. KANDU staff also coordinated the pick-up and delivery of the trays, which saved the client time spent on managing the transport process.

When a leading multinational manufacturer of consumer food products sought a contractor that could repackage and expedite orders with short lead times, they turned to the nimble workforce at KANDU. Thanks to KANDU’s warehouse capacity, large shrink wrap capabilities, business processes and inventory management systems, the customer could respond quickly to custom orders of pre-packaged, multi-pack display cases sold to major retailers across the US. This business transformation earned KANDU the customer’s top supplier award for nine years running.

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With weather this beautiful in February, we had to get outside and enjoy it! Clients soaked up the sunshine last week with a few barnyard visitors: goats! 🌞

Brought in by a client's mom, the baby goats were fun for both clients and staff to play with. Bottlefeeding and cuddling ...these little cuties was definitely the highlight of the day!

Did you know interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure? Studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood. [National Institute of Health]

KANDU Industries provides a diverse array of daily activities designed to promote the social, physical, and mental well-being of clients with disabilities and dementia. You can make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities and dementia by supporting our programs through KANDU's Annual Giving Campaign: https://www.kanduindustries.com/support/annual-appeal-2023/

With weather this beautiful in February, we had to get outside and enjoy it! Clients soaked up the sunshine last week with a few barnyard visitors: goats! 🌞
Brought in by a client's mom, the baby goats were fun for both clients and staff to play with. Bottlefeeding and cuddling these ...little cuties was definitely the highlight of the day!

Chip, chip, hooray - lunchtime just got a little tastier! Frito-Lay donated snack-size chips to fill the KANDU lunch bags presented to clients on their first day of work at our new Milton location. Frito-Lay was so generous that we had quite a few bags left over, so we distributed the extras to ...clients at lunchtime last week. Thank you, Frito-Lay! 🎉

Five seniors from the Global Business Academy at Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville came to KANDU for a tour this week. The students got to interact with clients in programs and production, and then had the opportunity to join KANDU’s Senior Management Meeting for a behind-the-scenes look ...at the inner workings of a non-profit organization.

These seniors were here to learn about the importance of giving back to their community, the impactful role that non-profit organizations play in Rock County, and the personal and professional opportunities that come with being a nonprofit board member. Here’s to the next generation of community leaders!

Spreading the love at KANDU! 💘
Last week KANDU board member Kim Hesgard brought in a Valentine's treat basket for staff & we drew a winner: Dakota! Dakota just started at KANDU's Livin' & Learnin' program last week, and we were thrilled to give her a warm welcome!

KANDU Welcomes Michael Prosser to our Board of Directors.

As president of Henrici's Management Corporation, which owns and operates several successful food service businesses in the Stateline area, including Hoffman House Catering, Prosser will bring experience as an entrepreneur and ...visionary to KANDU’s board of directors, influencing long-term strategic planning and appropriate financial risk for growth and innovation.

You can read more here:

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KANDU Industries welcomes Michael Prosser to its board of directors. Prosser to bring entrepreneurial spirit and visionary focus to growing board of...