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Everyday at KANDU is unique. Together, we are all working towards a common goal, creating a better life experience for people with disabilities, and having a lot of fun along the way! Follow our journey as we celebrate life, share laughs and explore our community.


Sometimes, you just need to have a little fun. Once a month, KANDU organizes a themed “Fun Day.” Over the years, we’ve had a variety of themes including Hawaiian, Hollywood, and circus day – just to name a few. Staff and clients come together during breaks and lunches to play games, snap pictures, and enjoy each other’s company. These days are like food for the soul!

On the road

Chances are, you’ve seen KANDU buses traveling around Rock County and beyond. We believe getting out and connecting with the community is not only valuable, it’s fun! Whether we are going on a tour, exploring nature or visiting a local business, KANDU clients love interacting with community members. If you see us out on the road, make sure to wave hello!


Some of life’s best moments are shared over food. Sitting down for lunch together is a daily occurrence at KANDU but there are occasions when we make it extra special. Thanksgiving lunch, Friday fish fry or sharing a cake to celebrate a birthday are all ways we connect over a meal. KANDU clients also enjoy creating new memories at local restaurants and coffee shops. 


Not a day goes by when we don’t have something to smile about. Giggling over a silly photo, a pie in the face or an inside joke, there is no shortage of laughs at KANDU.


There is always something to celebrate at KANDU! We not only celebrate the big moments like birthdays, anniversaries and bringing home a gold medal in Special Olympics but also the little things. Having a productive day at work, overcoming a challenge or learning new skills are all things we commemorate.

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Clients played a hand-made game where they had to manage their money. One client had to spend $50 to take his dog to the vet while others had to pay student loans, put gas in their cars, buy groceries, and purchase new tires for their cars. Some clients were lucky and received holiday and birthday and a $300 bonus for coming to work on time for three months in a row. Life sure can get expensive!

Talk about the end of an era – it's our last day at Adel Street! Come Monday, we will all be under one roof at our new facility in Milton! But today, we are taking a moment to celebrate. We had a special lunch, played bingo (with LOTS of prizes), and finished the day with some games ...including an especially fun game of kickball on the empty production floor.

Did Nauti-Nauti knock your socks off at Music at the Marv this past Tuesday? Catch another awesome performance by Nauti-Nauti at KANDU's Grand Opening Party on September 28! Admission is free! More details:

July is Disability Pride Month and this is the Disability Pride flag. Ann Magill, a writer with Cerebral Palsy, designed the first disability pride flag in 2019. Each color on the flag represents a different category of disabilities. Red = physical, Gold = neurodiversity, White = invisible ...disabilities and those not yet diagnosed, Blue = emotional and psychiatric disabilities, Green = sensory disabilities. The faded black background represents mourning and rage for victims of ableism. Together, these colorful bands represent a light that cuts through the darkness. Ann Magill did not seek copyright of this flag design since so many people offered suggestions, she felt it represented the whole community.

Clients in KANDU's ISP program had a bunch of fun together playing with the parachute! Activities like this game allow clients to practice and build physical, social, and cognitive skills to enhance overall well-being.

Jon Cruzan and a group of Milton community members came through for a tour of KANDU's new facility on Plumb St. last week. The group got to see the production projects we're working on and chat with clients on their lunch break. Thanks for visiting!