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Learning, growing, creating and enjoying each other’s company in a safe and nurturing environment – it’s what we strive for every day for our KANDU clients. We offer a range of options for individuals ages 14 and older of varying abilities and a care team that ensures all health and wellness needs are met. Clients love coming to KANDU, and caregivers know that their loved ones are happy, active, and enjoying a variety of activities and experiences. Our clients broaden their social, emotional, and personal development, and gain a sense of independence and self-worth that everyone deserves.

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What we Offer

Adult Day & Memory Care

Physical and mental health as well as social well-being are the priority of our adult day and memory care services. Our activities-based program is tailored to each participant’s abilities in a meaningful, safe, and structured environment. Our expert care staff — including certified nursing assistants— provide peace of mind that your loved one is cared for, happy and safe.

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Our person-centered living skills programs grow our clients’ daily independence. With programs for individuals age 14 and older, we cultivate a personalized plan, taking into account each person’s unique abilities and needs. Not only do participants gain increased autonomy, but they also develop increased social, emotional, and personal wellbeing skills.

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Buying a movie ticket, using a cell phone, joining a club – knowing how to accomplish these activities and more outside of work give our clients the independence they need to move confidently through their day. Livin’ & Learnin’ is for individuals ages 14 to 18 and includes support reaching personal goals and opportunities to learn new skills with others in the program.

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At KANDU, we believe that our clients can thrive in the workplace with the right support and training. Removing barriers to employment is the primary focus of our workforce programs. Whether matching individuals with employers, providing pre-vocational training, or helping someone return to the workplace after an injury, KANDU’s dedicated staff prioritizes matching clients with work that is both fulfilling and a great fit for their abilities.

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At KANDU’s Adult Family Home, we extend the person-centered care we provide our clients during the day into a full-time residential housing program. Providing accommodations for up to four individuals at a time, the Adult Family Home is fully accessible and allows residents to build deeper connections with one another.



Designed to provide caregivers with respite from the challenges of providing hands-on care for children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, KANDU Cares allows caregivers an opportunity to take care of their own physical and mental health, spend time with other family members or just enjoy a few hours to rest or manage other daily living responsibilities. Stay tuned for more details.

For more information or to inquire about program availability, caregivers can contact Isaiah Vance, KANDU’s client services compliance director at ivance@kanduindustries.com or by calling (608) 314-1916.



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Clients played a hand-made game where they had to manage their money. One client had to spend $50 to take his dog to the vet while others had to pay student loans, put gas in their cars, buy groceries, and purchase new tires for their cars. Some clients were lucky and received holiday and birthday ...money and a $300 bonus for coming to work on time for three months in a row. Life sure can get expensive!

Talk about the end of an era – it's our last day at Adel Street! Come Monday, we will all be under one roof at our new facility in Milton! But today, we are taking a moment to celebrate. We had a special lunch, played bingo (with LOTS of prizes), and finished the day with some games ...including an especially fun game of kickball on the empty production floor.

Did Nauti-Nauti knock your socks off at Music at the Marv this past Tuesday? Catch another awesome performance by Nauti-Nauti at KANDU's Grand Opening Party on September 28! Admission is free! More details: https://www.kanduindustries.com/event/grand-opening-party/

July is Disability Pride Month and this is the Disability Pride flag. Ann Magill, a writer with Cerebral Palsy, designed the first disability pride flag in 2019. Each color on the flag represents a different category of disabilities. Red = physical, Gold = neurodiversity, White = invisible ...disabilities and those not yet diagnosed, Blue = emotional and psychiatric disabilities, Green = sensory disabilities. The faded black background represents mourning and rage for victims of ableism. Together, these colorful bands represent a light that cuts through the darkness. Ann Magill did not seek copyright of this flag design since so many people offered suggestions, she felt it represented the whole community.

Clients in KANDU's ISP program had a bunch of fun together playing with the parachute! Activities like this game allow clients to practice and build physical, social, and cognitive skills to enhance overall well-being.

Jon Cruzan and a group of Milton community members came through for a tour of KANDU's new facility on Plumb St. last week. The group got to see the production projects we're working on and chat with clients on their lunch break. Thanks for visiting!