Mar 26, 2024 | News

Baker Manufacturing is celebrating 150 years of innovation in the water industry.  The company developed new products through the Great Depression and was trusted by the Department of Defense for new product development during World War II. With this rich history behind them, Baker has continued to adapt to market needs and remains at the forefront of industry excellence.

Baker Manufacturing consists of three divisions: the Baker Casting Division which pours gray and ductile iron castings; the Haight Pump Division which produces gear pumps; and the Baker Water Systems Division which produces products for residential, municipal/industrial, and environmental use.

KANDU has provided assembly services for Baker Manufacturing for over 20 years, since June 2002, primarily involving the meticulous packaging of small items into bags, which are then included with the products manufactured by Baker. These assembled kits play a crucial role in ensuring that Baker Manufacturing’s customers receive all the necessary components for assembly. 

“KANDU’s process guarantees that our product is packaged accurately, ensuring all components needed for assembly are received by Baker customers. A lot of what KANDU assembles for us are pieces included in well water cap parts kits. Having the correct pieces is crucial for customers who need to protect their groundwater well,” said Michael Nevel, purchasing supervisor at Baker Manufacturing. 

Currently, KANDU employees are working on well caps for the Monitor brand and hot oil filtration pumps for the Haight Pump Division of Baker Manufacturing. Haight Pumps are put into deep fryers by the deep fryer manufacturer to circulate hot oil through a filter. Most likely, you have eaten something fried in a fryer that used a Haight Pump for oil filtration. 

The collaboration with KANDU has brought significant benefits to Baker Manufacturing’s operations. “Our relationship with KANDU has been highly successful. In addition to choosing to partner with KANDU to support their mission to provide support services for individuals with disabilities, this working relationship has allowed Baker Manufacturing to increase its production capacity and optimize its workspace,” said Michael Nevel. The partnership has effectively eliminated the need for in-house bag assembly, saving valuable time and resources for Baker Manufacturing. 

“Baker Manufacturing has great respect for KANDU’s mission, and we take pride in supporting local organizations,” said Michael. When manufacturers choose KANDU Industries as their production services partner, they not only benefit from high-quality workmanship and reliable service but also contribute to the empowerment and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workforce. The process of assembling and packaging small items such as nuts, bolts, washers help KANDU employees with disabilities improve dexterity, sight identification, counting, and other manufacturing skills. 

By entrusting KANDU with the assembly of small components, Baker Manufacturing has been able to streamline its operations, increase efficiency, and focus on its core strengths. This partnership not only benefits Baker Manufacturing but also contributes to the employment and skill development of individuals with disabilities through KANDU’s mission-driven approach. As a partner of KANDU Industries, Baker Manufacturing supports people with disabilities in the community by providing them with opportunities for meaningful employment. Through this collaboration, both organizations work together to deliver exceptional products to customers while enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. 

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